Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chivay {base for Colca Canyon}

Monday June 4, 2007

I took the bus early on a tour from Arequipa to Chivay which would be our base to visit the Colca Canyon and see the Andean Condors. The first picture is of Acuna grazing on the plains. The Acuna are the official animal of Peru, not the Llama. Good jeopardy question. Our vehicle broke down on the way for 1.5 hrs but we finally made it. The uninvited alpaca keep licking the bottom of our roadside table. We finally looked and saw he was licking gum stuck to the bottom of the table. I met two great Canadian girls, Alex and Kylie, with whom I spent the night partying at the local Irish Pub {yes they had an Irish Pub in Chivay} even though it is very small. At dinner, we saw Peruvian folk dancing and had good meal.

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