Monday, September 10, 2007

Iquitos, Peru {Gateway to the Amazon}

Wednesday June 6, 2007

I left Arequipa at 11:20 am to go to Iquitos, Peru to begin my Amazon adventure. I had a 4 hr. layover in Lima but still arrived in Iquitos at 7pm. I took my taxi {3 wheel motorcycle to center of town and found a hostel. My taxi stopped at a street moneychanger to let me change dollars into soles. I caught him trying to cheat me the 1st time but somehow he shortchanged me the second time. Lesson learned. The road for 3 miles to the city from the airport were covered in glass and burning trash. The taxi driver said they were having peaceful demonstrations. I hope I don't see any unpeaceful demonstrations. The taxi driver tried to double the price at the end of the ride. Due to the road conditions he said. I denied his request and just walked away. Going to sleep and will try and find an inexpensive trip down the Amazon tomorrow.

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